Product Description:- According to WHO Organization report, today's human body is suffering from many health problems. but the most of people are suffering from disturbed blood circulation, diabetes, body pain and many health problems. Disturbed blood circulation and body pain are directly proportional to each other. because when our blood circulation is disturbed our body should be suffering many health diseases. After waring bio magnetic bracelet, our blood circulation will improve and also immune power increase. In case of high blood pressure wearing on right wrist or in case of low blood pressure wearing on left wrist. Now a days Magnetic Bracelets are widely used to solve many health diseases. Like diabetes, blood pressure problems, body pain, arthritis, Headache, Backache and Neck ache, Joint and Muscle pain, Coughs & Asthma, shoulder pain, etc. Bio magnetic bracelet made from Tungsten metal and it's Comes with Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets (King Of Magnet) and 5 Germanium balls.Germainum balls give FIR sun rays and keep you away from many types of diseases. Health Benefits: It increases our immunity power and keeps diseases away from us. It makes our sleeping pattern deep and restful to re-balance and re-energize our body. Its remove waste toxins from our blood like, lactic acids, calcium, cholesterol and fat deposits. it makes our skin more elastic and youthful. it decreases tiredness after ware bio magnetic bracelet removes the feeling of weakness and irritability. it can bring a person good without any harm.